August Update

That is the summer months coming to an end now. August was another busy one for dates-n-mates Aberdeen.

Events this month included; Cinema, TGI Fridays dinner, beach walk, parade and Codonas bowling afternoon. All events went well, we even got some sunshine for the beach walk!

We took part in the Celebrate Aberdeen Parade on the 26th August which is a parade for local charity organisations and voluntary groups. Members, staff and volunteers took part holding a large banner with our logo on, sponsored by local business Jasmine Ltd. It was a fantastic event to be part of, promoting charities and getting all organisations together to celebrate all the great work being done in Aberdeen. Members loved the parade and have already requested we do it again next year. We would like to say a very big thank you to the following people: Celebrate Aberdeen Organisers for the great event, Jasmine LTD for sponsoring our banner, Ripples LTD for providing us with dates-n-mates logo t-shirts, everyone who took part with us and of course those cheering us on at the side-lines.

This month we also had two supported dates between members following on from our Take Me Out dating event last month. Dates-n-mates don’t only offer dating opportunities at events we can offer assistance arranging the dates and even attending them with members to support those who are a little nervous and would like a little extra help. The dates in August went well and we look forward to more dating between members in the future.

Our Director, Daniel has been settling in working in the office on a regular weekly basis now.

Our Marketing and Events Coordinator, Louise, went to Glasgow this month to meet with the other dates-n-mates Marketing staff in Glasgow and Renfrewshire. We were discussing some changes to our marketing materials and sharing ideas, which was great. Look out for some more marketing activity and updated materials in future months. If you would like to help promote dates-n-mates in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you at [email protected]