April Updates

Another quick month passes (I’m sure we say this every month, but April especially has gone by very quickly) perhaps as we have been busy and there has also been some staff holidays and staff changes too!

So, what have we been doing with our members this month?

We started our April events by attending the ‘Popstars’ show at the Arts Centre. This production was put on by local performers from the Shazam Theatre company and was a good show that members enjoyed.

Our dating event this month was a little different as we held our first dating training for members here in Aberdeen. The training included discussing topics such as how to prepare for a date, boundaries on a date, how to manage your expectations, dating tips and more. This is a training workshop we will be holding again soon for more members who didn’t make it to this one.

Next up, we went to Codonas for a bowling afternoon. This was a well-attended event with members playing over 3 lanes (and some with very high scores!). After bowling, we stayed for a drink and chat in the Codonas bar area – with some members staying on after the event to continue socialising together (without dates-n-mates staff), which is lovely for us to see.

Regularly, we hold our coffee & cake committee sessions where members have the opportunity to share their ideas and feedback with us regarding the project and our activities. This is one of the reasons that the project is ‘run by and for adults with learning disabilities’ as we shape the project based on our members views. We linked this session with a lunch at the Toby Carvery which as always was lovely!

Some feedback and ideas we gathered from members included:

  • They really liked the host and entertainment for our Valentines Ball (Barbara La Bush)
  • Members enjoy the directors surprise events however would prefer to try one in the evening (this is something we are doing next month)
  • Event ideas suggested by the group ranged from; a boat trip to an 80s music night and more sports, dancing and craft activities.

Staff will look over these ideas and see what we can add in to upcoming plans!

In April we also had a pub night in Stonehaven (linking our monthly pub events with our bi-monthly Aberdeenshire events). This was a good evening with nice food from the chosen pub on the night.

Lastly, members were also invited to drop in sessions in the dates-n-mates office on the 26th and 27th of April as a chance to say goodbye to our Project Coordinator, Peter (who is moving out of Aberdeen soon). They also had the opportunity to meet the new Coordinator, Laurie, who just started with us last week. Members although will miss Peter very much, have so far got along with Laurie very well so members are feeling comfortable with this staff change which is great. We would like to say welcome to dates-n-mates Aberdeen, Laurie – we think you will be a great addition to the team. Peter leaves the project later this week.

(We will have more information on this staff change in a different post)

Staff, Louise & Sarah also attended an action planning workshop for the Aberdeen City Learning disability strategy where we discussed ideas for how to put the new strategy (plans) in to action. The strategy will officially be launched during learning disability week in May and we hope to be a part of some of their launch events.

We look forward to more fun with members coming up in May – theres lots planned!