Meet our Volunteers: Nicole


Hi, my name’s Nicole and I volunteer for dates-n-mates! I’m fairly new to the group. Even after this short time with the programme I’ve already had some amazing experiences. For anybody thinking of volunteering I would definitely recommend it. The members are some of the loveliest people you will ever meet and you have great fun!

I attended LATE and it was an amazing night. For anyone who doesn’t know, LATE is Scotland’s only inclusive club night held at The Arches in Glasgow. There were some amazing DJ’s there and the night was a massive success. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I loved getting the chance to dance and meet some of the members.


I also had a fantastic time at last year’s Halloween party at the Pearce Institute! It was great having the chance to get dressed up and get the opportunity to chat to people. There was lots of dancing again and a few well-chosen party games! I was seriously impressed by everybody’s costumes too!


All of the events I’ve been to so far have been a lot of fun. There’s just so much variety in the activities offered by dates-n-mates. My favourite thing about being a volunteer is having the chance to chat to the members and take part in all these events which we organise.