My first dates-n-mates Chaperone Date by John-Paul Moffat


On Wednesday 3rd October I carried out my first Chaperone at a date as one of the dates-n-mates Glasgow Directors. I met both dates-n-mates members on their date night in Glasgow Central Station before we all made our way to FRATELLI SARTI Italian Restaurant on Renfield Street.

Both were taken to their table while I stayed in the background just in case nothing was being said or they had any other issue. When one of them went away from the table I asked the other if they needed any help with conversation but also with the evening itself.

Once the meal was finished I asked if they would they like me to come with them to the Pub. They both said Yes! Just like the Meal I sat in the background and the members talked away.

At the end of the date both members thanked Me for coming along. I think the night went well and they both decided to go on another date.



John Paul Moffat (dates-n-mates Glasgow Director)