Outreach Project Funding Success

In June 2017, dates-n-mates Renfrewshire were awarded £7,000 from 4 of Renfrewshire’s Local Area Committee’s (LAC’S) to pilot an outreach model to engage with adults with learning disabilities most at risk of social isolation.

Through our outreach work we are creating awareness of dates-n-mates and engaging those most isolated supporting them towards membership, helping to reduce social isolation, build confidence and self-esteem, and improve the person’s ability to be active citizens and improve their overall health and well-being.

“dates-n-mates Renfrewshire is a great idea, and gives a better quality of life to all adults (with learning disabilities) in this area.” Councillor Audrey Doig

We have built positive relationships with a wide range of services and organisations including Health, Housing, and other statutory and non-statutory services and projects. In particular, 19 local pharmacies, 3 local councillors are actively supporting our outreach work as well as 2 Local Housing Associations, Advocacy Services, Carers Centre and West College Scotland to name a few.

Since the launch of the pilot we have engaged with adults with learning disabilities who may have declined access to opportunities. As a result 24 new members have joined dates-n-mates, 6 of which don’t access any other opportunities such as day centre or college.
As a result of the success we are continuing the Outreach pilot into 2018.