Dating and Finding Love

dating fingers

Some people join dates-n-mates specifically because they want to find a girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are thinking of becoming a member, it is important to understand what we do and don’t offer.


We DO offer:

  • Opportunities to meet new people at all our events
  • Occasional ‘dating’ events like ‘Blind Date’ or ‘Mix -n- Mingle’ where members who want to find a boyfriend or girlfriend can meet potential dates
  • Help to get in touch with someone you have met and see if they are interested in going out with you
  • Help to arrange a first date
  • Chaperone for a first date
    (a chaperone is a third person on the date who can help if one of you feels uncomfortable
    or if you run out of things to talk about)
  • Informal workshops to help members improve their communication and relationship skills and practice meeting and speaking to new people
  • Hints and tips for successful dating
  • Signposting to further sources of support on sex, sexuality and sexual health




We DO NOT offer:

  • A guarantee that you will find a date or a romantic partner
    Whilst we try to ensure you have lots of opportunities to meet new people, it may take a while to meet someone special. You may also have to develop and practice new skills in order to form a relationship with someone. This can take time too.
  • On-line or matched dating
    dates-n-mates is not a match-making service. We cannot simply present you with a girlfriend or boyfriend. However, you will have lots of opportunities to meet people at events. If you meet someone you like, we can then help you ask them on a date.
  • On-going relationship support
    It remains the responsibility of the member’s family or support staff to provide the on-going, day-to-day support that he or she may need to build or sustain friendships or close personal relationships