Welcome to Andrew McCann – New Regional Lead for dates-n-mates West of Scotland

What did you do previous to working with dates-n-mates / C-Change?

Previously I have had many posts within the third sector. But immediately previous to working in dates-n-mates I spent 5 month living in Turkey (this 5 months consisted of cycling and enjoying the sun). Before this I was a Manager of a project called Transition Linlithgow, dealing with various aspects of climate literacy: from active travel to local foods and up-cycling of furniture. Previous posts included working in food poverty, health and teaching cooking classes.

What attracted you to this role at dates-n-mates?

I loved the idea of dates-n-mates when I first read up on the project and felt that I would love to be part of the process in assisting people to achieve their goals and dreams (I get a lot of job satisfaction out of this), so this is the dream job for me. I love working with people and watching people grow and develop and this is what really attracted me to working at dates-n-mates – the chance to be part (no matter how small) of that process.

What do you hope to bring to this role?

I Hope to bring my enthusiasm, people skills and passion for helping people into the role. I am a ‘people person’ and get a massive amount of job satisfaction from watching people grow and develop their skills and to know that the project I am working on helps, in a very small way, to that development. Also I would like to think that I can bring my sense of humour to the role as I believe in the power of bad jokes to connect with people (a groan is just a laugh waiting to happen!).

Can you tell us a hobby / passion or interest you have outside of work?

I have many passions outside of work. I have just developed a passion and love of cycling (this resulted from running a cycling group in Clydebank). I love cycling along the Clyde and find it very zen. I also love to swim and try to get to the swimming baths as much as I can. I am a self-confessed geek both in films and music. I am a musician and up until June this year I fronted a band in Glasgow