At home activities to keep you busy


We have made it through our 5th week staying at home (well done to us all!) so you might be beginning to run out of activites to keep yourself busy.

We have gathered a few of our favourite activity ideas for you…

Online Activities

The internet has SO many ways to keep entertained while staying at home!

1. There are lots of live cameras in zoos and farms which you can view online to see some of the animals. We particularly recommend the Live Edinburgh Zoo Cam. Watch the Penguins and Pandas here:

2. YouTube for LOTS of free exercise, yoga or dance videos you can try out at home

3. Join the dates-n-mates Aberdeen Facebook Group for fun chats, access to virtual events and activites. We hold a different themed quiz every Friday at 7pm!

Relaxing & Creativity

  1. Meditate – sit on the sofa with no background noise or some quiet calming music… close your eyes, take deep slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus only on your breathing to find some inner calm.
  2. Take part in a creative art session with Mind & Draw on their YouTube channel.
  3.  Go for a walk in your local area (make sure to keep your distance from other people while out and wash your hands when you return). You can take photos of the scenery while you are out or just enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of the birds.


  1.  Give a friend or family member a phone call to ask how they are and chat about your day – you can make this a weekly thing at the same time each week.
  2.  Set up a video call on Zoom with friends, family or join in the dates-n-mates chats – you can talk to each other, play games together or do a quiz. You can get in touch with the dates-n-mates team if you need help accessing zoom video calls. You can also do video calls through Facebook messenger.
  3.  Write a letter or draw a picture for a loved one and post it to them.

Stay home and stay safe…

Wishing you all health and happiness from dates-n-mates