Safety Guidelines

Fun in a safe environment

dates-n-mates is all about having fun in a safe environment.

Safe doesn’t have to mean that you can’t do things, you just have to think how you do things.

Decide what you want to do and whatever you decide if you follow these guidelines everything should go smoothly.

Always tell a carer, friend or family member where you are going and what you are doing.

They can always ring dates-n-mates for more information.

Make sure if you have a mobile phone to have it charged up and with some credit.

Always make sure that you have a safe way of getting home and you have organised the appropriate transport.

Watch your drinks at all times. If you think you drink looks or tastes funny or different, do not drink it and tell a member of staff.

Remember alcohol and drugs (prescription and recreational) can reduce your awareness and understanding.

This can make you an easier victim and increase your risk of accident.

You never have to kiss, cuddle, have sex, touch someone or let them touch you unless you are sure you are ready.

dates-n-mates will support you to get advice if you need it.

You should tell dates-n-mates if anyone intimidates you, harasses you or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Personal Information

You can tell someone:

  • Your name (or nickname)
  • What you like to do (interests)
  • Places you like to visit
  • Food you like to eat

You should not tell people:

  • Your phone number (tell dates-n-mates if you would like to contact someone)
  • Your address, or the address of your workplace
  • Family details (especially if you are a parent)
  • Financial information